Full Moon & Drumming Celebration

Sat 4th November 2017 @ 17h30
Full Moon, Drumming & Re-commitment to Earth Celebration –
Calling in the directions
Story Telling – Kyri Dalamakis
Re-Commitment to Earth Ceremony – Marisa Wollheim
Bring your own picnic basket, blankets & cushions, drums (Limited Drums for hire R30) and an open heart and mind!
Cost: R50pp – Seniors and Children under 15 – R30
Limited B&B Rooms are also available

Bookings and info:
Marisa – 076 649 3989
Kyri – 072 514 8971

Expressing Self Retreat

June 16 to 18

Join us for a weekend of Self Expressing through Vedic Art,Sound and Movement and discover a deeper part of Bliss wihtin you as Amazing Grace and Nature hold a sacred space for you to explore and express Self! Nadja Clifford will guide us through her Vedic Art.
To receive a Registration form and more info send an email to Marisa.dfw@gmail.com or contact her on 0766493989
Cost is R2 000.00

Shamanic Healing Sessions

May 24 at 9 AM to May 26 at 6 PM

Robbie Warren, Otter Dance Earth Medicine Founder, is a modern day Medicine Woman and a traditional Shaman who serves as an intermediary between this world and the spirit world, she holds ceremonies, rituals and healing with the aid of Spirit Guides following the cultural traditions passed down through generations.

She has also worked extensively in the Medicine-Dance community, around the world, traveling to many sacred sites working closely with powerful Medicine-People from many cultures and spiritual paths. Most recently Robbie had the vision for the Fire Dance, a medicine dance in the Native tradition which already is generating incredible energy and enthusiasm around the world.

During a Shamanic Healing Session, Robbie opens a direct channel of communication with your Spirit Guide(s) and helps you to find the answers and solutions you are seeking for a given situation. These Guides are absolutely amazing and so eager to help, after all, that is why they are with you!

Together with your Guides we are able to hit the bulls-eye and get to the heart of the matter so quickly and then dig deep to move through the emotions of the issue. There may be a ceremony or ritual that is given as Robbie will work with the helpers of the other realms to bring clarity and guidance. It is such a beautiful journey!

Soul retrieval, Ancestral Clearing, Cord Removal, Energy/Entity Clearing, Physical Healing, Extraction Work, and Spiritual Divorce are some of the healing ceremonies that may be given to Robbie during your session.

Each session is on a sliding fee of between R1100 – R1400. Robbie leaves it up to each client to know where they are in their prosperity and to donate accordingly.

A session will last about 90 minutes. Book directly using this link https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/shamanic-healing-session-south-africa/05-24-2017

For more information on Robbie, visit http://OtterDance.com